Muscle Building Apple Cinnamon Cold Oatmeal

2 Cups Oatmeal Dry – 600 calories 104g carbs 20 g protein

1 cup lowfat milk – 110 cal 13 g carbs 9g pro

1 cup applesauce – 140 cal 36 g carbs

1 cup nonfat plain greek yogurt – 130 cals 9g carbs 23g protein

2 Tbsp honey – 120 cals 34g carbs

1 scoop True Nutrition vanilla protein – 120 cal  27g protein 1 g carbs

Cinnamon to taste


Mix in bowl/mason jar. Let sit overnight. Eat. Gain



Total Cals 1220 Protein 79 grams Carbs 197 g

I generally feel better, and lift harder when I add some more carbs into my diet. My body seems to tolerate them well though, and I burn an estimated 4.7 metric shit-tons of calories per day, so make sure you’re actually working out and earning your carbs, rather than just adding them in becuase you saw a delicious recipe on a website dedicated to badassery.

I’ll split this into two meals and eat it as a snack in between clients. Fast, easy, minimal prep. Lazy people, you’re welcome.

Is butter a carb?

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